3 Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Liquid Silicone Injection Molding

Many manufacturers in the rubber industry are taking advantage of utilizing liquid injection molding to produce liquid silicone rubber. Although this is a complicated technology, it is very productive and useful if there is no error and handled adequately.

Silicone seals produced by liquid silicone injection molding have consistent properties and are cost-effective. No wonder the parts provided in this manufacturing process have many applications ranging from medical to electronics, appliances, and automotive. To have a better idea of how important this process is, here are three of the reasons why many manufacturers are using this process.

1. It is cost-effective

Liquid silicone injection molding is more precise and complex than any other technologies, like transfer or compression molding. It is the most cost-effective and quicker option. It can also be fully automated because it needs a minimal workforce and thus has a lower labor cost. Another benefit with such setup is it hastens the process and cycle time is measured in seconds.

The liquid silicone injection molding process is also repeatable, which is advantageous when creating high-quality and complicated parts. It can produce even the smallest custom parts for automobiles efficiently and quickly. The precision and versatility it offers give manufacturers the chance to make quality products in the shortest possible time.

2. It provides excellent sealing qualities

The products made through liquid silicone injection molding have many reliable attributes. It includes excellent seals that offer high resistance to ozone, water, extreme temperatures, and weather. This results in excellent resistance properties ideal for many applications.

Silicone is the best material for the liquid injection molding process because it has a low compression set and expansive durometers. This flexibility in the durometer ranges allows the material for applications in the medical industry.

3. It leaves little contamination or waste

Because the liquid injection molding process is a closed system, it allows for minimal contamination of the raw material due to exposure to the environment. This reduced contamination is also the reason why its use for creating products for the medical industry.

Another advantage of using liquid injection molding is its ability to create custom shapes with little waste or flash. Meaning it has not an extra thin layer of material that goes beyond the standard geometry of the parts.

Despite having some drawbacks, liquid silicone injection molding has many benefits fit for many applications. It can deliver high-quality parts and products with faster turnaround time and at competitive prices.

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