4 Reasons to Consider Wind Energy

Of late, there has been an increasing awareness of sustainable energy. All over the world, most countries are advocating for renewable energy sources to cut on environmental pollution and degradation.

There is still ongoing research to develop more sustainable energy sources that can replace fossil fuel and other harmful sources. Wind and solar energy are the most preferable of renewable energy. With the advent of monopile, it is now much easier to produce wind energy and make life easier. Here are the reasons you should consider wind energy.

1. It is cheaper to produce

The cost of installing wind turbines is cheaper compared to HEP turbines. Wind turbines installed on land are more affordable energy sources because they use an estimated 4 cents subsidy per kilowatt. For the case of a sea wind turbine, the cost is 7 cents kWh, but this will keep decreasing as technology in energy production advances.  

Today, wind turbines can run smoothly in coastal areas without a subsidy.  The Fossil fuel industry receives many subsidies, making it more expensive than other forms of renewable energy.

2.  Wind lessens the risk of climate change

Unlike fossil fuel combustion, wind energy reduces the impact on climate. Today, millions of people are suffering the effects of climate change all over the world. Developing countries need to decrease the amount of carbon emission by at least 80% before 2050.

A diversion to wind energy is one way of reducing carbon emissions and taking one step further to combat climate change. To minimize the impacts of climate change on the planet, 80-90% of our energy should come from renewable or green sources.  Experts in the energy field agree with this fact.

3. Wind turbines produce more energy

Another reason to consider wind energy is that wind turbines produce a lot of energy compared to solar panels. The amount of energy you get from solar panels does not match that generated by wind turbines. For instance, a single 25kW wind turbine can generate energy equivalent to 2500 solar panels within the same period.

4. Renewable energy

Wind energy does not suffer scarcity. As long as the wind is blowing with enough strength to propel the turbines, we will produce this form of energy.  The main advantage of choosing wind energy is like that of solar- it requires no fuel to sustain.

Every kilowatt of energy produced by a renewable source like the wind is one kilowatt less that you need to produce from a coal power station reducing power supply costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Once a wind power station is installed and running, it will help reduce coal usage and gas emissions, which helps conserve the environment.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot that comes into play when you think of renewable energy and combating carbon emissions.  Wind and solar energy are seen as the most sustainable energy sources to save the planet earth from ozone depletion.

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