Few Things about Lab Testing In China

Every country has its own compliances when it comes to importing products. You may get your products manufactured at cheap rate from China but before you import it to your own country it is important that the product is lab tested and the quality is confirmed. The imported goods must be safe, and should be complaint with the different rules that are applicable in your country.

If you import any non-complaint goods then you can be sure that you are doing something illegal. Thus, if the cargo is seized by the custom authorities then you will be at financial loss. Thus, it is best that after the products are produced or even during the production procedure you have done lab testing in China.

Why do I need laboratory testing?

You may be thinking that why is it important for you to do lab testing when the factory has confirmed about the quality of the product? Actually, in your country there may be certain safety standard that is maintained for different products. Now when you place the order with the manufacturer you may have mentioned that, but how will you know that they are following it? Thus, you will require Lab testing in China to ensure that the product is in compliance with the standard set in the country where it is imported.

It is true that lab testing is not mandatory for all products but it is always advisable that you get it done before the cargo reached your port. There are different boards at different countries that regulate the rules regarding some particular product. You need to follow them if you are doing business in the country. Thus, make sure that you get a third party lab test report to ensure the quality of the product.

Can suppliers do the lab testing?

Normally a supplier can do the lab testing and provide you with the report, but it is not done. It’s not because that the supplier don’t want to but because it is not beneficial for you. When you are hiring third party for lab testing why should you rely on the supplier report? It is best that you appoint a lab testing service provider and get the things done.

Apart from that the supplier may not have all the equipment required for conducting the lab test successfully. When you are getting it done by third party who is expert in it then you will get the right information. The supplier may not give you the right report and then you will face compliance issues when you import the product in your own country. Thus, it is best that you do not rely on the supplier for lab test. Get it done by an experienced third party on whose report you can rely.

Regarding the cost of lab testing you must find out what are the prevailing rates. For different products the lab testing rates will vary. Thus you must check with different service provider to find out the most competitive rate.

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