Finland education system is a perfect example of “Less is more

At least once in life, we all wanted to get enrolled in a school that does not have the concept of taking exams or giving homework. But, what if we tell you that there is a country where students are not burdened with homework and exams? Well, Finland is one of those countries that focuses on a child’s learning, many countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany are trying to adopt Finland’s education system.

There are many reasons why Finland’s education system is successful, for instance, they value student’s free time, fewer tests, university education is free etc. In this article, we have discussed the reasons why Finland’s education system is a perfect example of “Less is more.”

Why Does Finland Have One Of The Best Education Systems?

Schools in Finland are small as compared to international standards. But the quality of education provided in schools in Finland makes them successful. All schools in Finland are funded by the government, which means each and every student has access to quality education.

Teachers in Finland make the students capable to face any challenge unlike students of other European countries who Buy assignment online to get good grades. The best part about Finland’s education system is that either student is coming from any city or a rural area, they will receive the same opportunities in education. Experts claim that there is a very little difference between a good and bad Finish student.

Reasons Why Finland’s Education System Is the Best:

The education system in Finland has been very successful for many years. A survey conducted by professional dissertation writing service says, Finland students are not only the top students in European countries but they also compete with Asian countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Shanghai, etc. People wonder what makes the educational system of this small country so successful as compared to other giants like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc.

We have listed down some reasons why Finland’s education system is so successful.

1.   Student’s Free Time Is Highly Valued

Unlike schools in other countries, schools in Finland value student’s free time. Parents, teachers and students alike understand that free time and break are necessary for student’s learning. Schools in Finland starts in between 9:00 to 9:45 am. Several pieces of research have proved that adolescents require quality sleep, due to this Finland is considering to make it a law that schools can’t begin before 9:00 am. They want their students to come with a fresh mind.

Schools usually end by 2:00 or 2:45 pm in Finland. Finnish students do not have the same schedule to follow the entire week, however, they have a break of 15 minutes after every 45-minute class. This system allows both teachers and students to learn/teach with a fresh mind.

Schools do not burden their students with homework. They make students complete all the necessary work in school.

2.   More Consistency and Care

Studying in Finland provides an opportunity for students to study from the same teacher for about six years. During the period of six years with the same set of students, the teacher knows the learning style, needs, weaknesses and strengths of every student.

These teachers usually track student’s progress and are interested in seeing their student succeed and achieve their goals. If the teacher faces a behaviour or discipline issue by any student they know how to handle that.

3.   Fewer Tests and More Learning

Imagine how exciting it would be for students when they do not have to give a test after every two to three months. Imagine the freedoms teachers could feel when their pay does not depend on the result of their student. Imagine how much engaging and exciting the lectures would be without any pressure of preparing for and passing the exam.

Schools in Finland do not prefer teachers whose students score the highest but, they prefer teachers who have at least a Master’s degree and who have control over the class and content. The teachers are allowed to try new things in order to create engaging and creative content that grab student’s interest and enhance their learning ability.

Teachers do not spend their time in preparing, conducting and checking tests, instead, they utilize their time to teach students those skills that will help them in accomplishing their goals. Along with education, they teach craft education to students such as cooking, woodworking, sewing, cleaning, knitting and many more.

4.   Love of Learning

Finland provides free education to university students. Finnish students love to learn this is the main reason the government provide free education. Students in Finland can get themselves enroll in any university and can pursue the career of their choice.

To provide a deeper understanding of the worlds, Universities in Finland allow students to read on any subject at the library, take elective classes for any course from pop culture to political sciences, and participate in any extra-curricular activity.

5.   No Division between Private and Public Sector

All schools in Finland are funded by the government, unlike the United States and other countries. This means the quality of education provided to a child does not depend on their parents’ total income.

In other countries like the United States, the parents who can afford to pay hefty fees usually enroll their children in the best schools, but in Finland, all students are provided with a high-quality education.

Finland’s education system is a perfect example of creating equality in society. The public and private sectors in the United States have been continuously criticized for providing fewer opportunities to the underprivileged students, as it is difficult for them to pursue a career in limited financial resources.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Finland’s education system is a prove that less is more. Government of Finland focus on a child’s learning instead of burdening them with tests and assignments. They focus on a child’s free time as well as on providing them with quality education. Teaching is considered a respectable profession in Finland. Countries from all over the world are trying to adopt Finland’s education system.

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