Home Decor Trends that Will be Huge this 2020

2019 was such a big year for home decorating, as we were introduced to a vast number of design trends and inspirations that helped elevate the look of every part of the home. Whether it be adding some rustic charm to your rooms or condo for sale in Manila, or adding some nice shades of color across your walls, it was surely great seeing some of 2019’s best decor trends take center stage.

As we enter 2020, there is a host of new design trends to try out once more. While there are some designs that take inspiration from last year’s choices and improve upon them, there are also a host of other new trends that would surely shake up your home’s interior design. With that in mind, here are some of the home decor trends that will surely be huge in 2020:

Contemporary and Minimalist

Contemporary and minimalist design has become one of the most popular design trends over the past few years, and it still remains as one of the best design choices for any home in 2020. Contemporary design allows you to add a great touch of modernity and sleekness into your home’s interiors, adding some smooth lines and sharp angles that make it stand out. Minimalist design, on the other hand, proves that less is truly more, as having a handful of furniture pieces and decorations would be enough to create a compelling home design that looks very clean and organized.

These two design trends also help eliminate a good amount of clutter, allowing you to free up more space, adding some more breathing room into your home. If you are looking for a home decor design idea that is simple yet very striking, going for a contemporary or minimalist design might just be what you need.

Neutral Shades

While bold and bright colors were very popular in 2019, this year is all about bringing in some more subtle shades in your home. The best way to pull this off is by choosing a set of neutrals that would bring balance to your home design. Adding a nice combination of black, white, and gray to your home’s walls or furniture would help add a degree of subtlety into your interior design.

At times, using neutral shades can also make parts of your room stand out even more, creating a nice focal point that enhances the overall design. If you are using white for your walls and furniture, this can help brighten up your rooms, as white reflects natural light across the room. While adding a splash of color is something that would still look good in your home, using neutrals might help take your interior design to the next level.

Geometric Patterns

Another design choice that would make your interiors look sleek, modern, and clean is by adding some geometric patterns on your floors, walls, and furniture. These patterns help add more scale into your interiors, creating an illusion of space while making parts of the room pop out. This is evident on floor and wall tiles, where you can choose a wide selection of geometric patterns that can match the color and theme in your room seamlessly. Along with tiles, you can also create your own set of patterns and paint them on your walls to add your own personal taste. Geometric patterns have become increasingly popular over the years, and it looks like 2020 would be no different.

Colors of Nature

Along with neutral shades, making use of earth tones and other colors that evoke nature helps add that much-needed rustic charm that has become a very popular design choice. This means adding warm shades of brown, or green to help make your interiors look closer to nature, and create a calming and inviting atmosphere. You can also make use of more wooden furniture and wood-look tiles to enhance that natural feel even more. The best part about this design choice is you would be able to implement the same color choices in your home’s exterior as well, blending in well with the surrounding grass and trees outside.

Formal Dining Rooms

The dining room has evolved so much during the past decade, with designs ranging from minimalist, to contemporary designs that aim to add something new. This 2020 however, it would be the year that formal dining rooms make a huge comeback. This means we get to see more elaborate and classy dining sets in a lot of homes and create a place that offers the best home dining experience. A great way to make your formal dining room look great is by adding some features that add more comfort, such as cushioned dining chairs that keep you relaxed as you enjoy a nice hearty meal.

Key Takeaway

2020 is going to be another big year for a lot of popular home decor trends. With new trends looking to change the way our homes look for the rest of the year, following them would help elevate your interior design in 2020, creating a home that stands out from the rest.

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