How and When to find out the NZ Bullseye Results

Online lottery games are very much popular today. Many lottery enthusiasts try their luck every day with such a game. In many countries, this is a legal and authentic gaming option to win fast cash.  NZ Bullseye is a daily lottery game, very much fun and exciting game. It was launched back in 2009. Many people like the game because of the fun and excitement that the game offers. New Zealand Lottery Commission runs this lottery game. The commission expended the benefits and best of opportunities for the users. This is one of the first daily basis games of New Zealand. This game is a good option to try your luck. As it is an everyday lottery game, it is most convenient for lottery enthusiasts.

How to play the game?

This is a very easy game and the drawing takes place every day at 6 PM. It comes with big prize money too and you need to select the 6 numbers from 000000 to 999999. You can even repeat the numbers but keep in mind that orders play a major role here. To win the prize, try to find your own strategy when choosing the numbers. The price of the ticket is only two dollars. You can choose the numbers from national retain agencies of New Zealand or can buy it online. The most convenient part of the online process is you don’t need to go to the retail stores to buy the tickets. You can buy them from the comfort of your home. If you are above 18 years old, you are eligible to play the game. You need to sign up for an online account and your identity will be verified. You need to have the citizenship of New Zealand to play the game but even the foreigners or the tourists can take part in this game.

The highest prize can be as high as $100000. If there is no winner for a drawing, prize money will be rolled over for the next drawing. The jackpot prize can hike to $400000. Apart from the big jackpot prize, there are some small prizes for every winner who has three or even three matching numbers.

Simple ways to check the result

Well, there are many retail stores in New Zealand that may help you to find the result of the latest drawing. If you are looking for more convenient options, you can check the results online. There are several online websites that come with the complete result database.

The national television of the country also broadcast the live result show every day. You can keep eyes on television to find out the winning numbers.

Another good place is the official websites to find the NZ Bullseye Results. They show the complete details of the result in an authentic way. The national smart app can help you also to find out the latest result. At the retail stores, you can claim the prize money immediately or you can get it in your account after a few days through online transaction.

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