The weirdest jobs that will make you laugh and cry

In our previous article, we saw some of the most exciting jobs that anyone would pay to do like Panda Keepers, tasting wines, playing video games, etc. For the whole list of such interesting jobs, refer to the blog section. Now we know everything has the opposite of them. When there are angels, there are demons, when there is happiness there is sadness. Similarly, when there are interesting jobs, there are weird jobs too. Some jobs are so weird that you only have to sleep. And another job could be just to stand in line. Doesn’t that sound weird? In this article, we will be looking at some of such weird jobs that will make you laugh and cry as well.

Before we start with the list, students are advised that they take these weird jobs on a lighter note. While there are more than 1000 career options to choose from, these kinds of jobs should better be avoided. A person can make millions standing in a queue in the UK but not in India. So it is recommended that students look for mainstream jobs in India and abroad. Worldwide transcripts provide transcript service to students and they can request for their GTU transcript, DU transcript, MU transcript, etc. along with other study abroad documents. We are committed to providing cost-efficient and on-time delivery of genuine documents. So let’s get started with the list now.

  • Professional Sleeper: Imagine you get money for what you love doing. Yes, that’s correct. We all love sleeping and few companies pay to sleep. Companies like mattress manufacturing or fitness bands monitor how much a person is sleeping and how efficient their products are working. With the results, they can improve the quality of their product and even innovate something new.
  • Chicken sex identifier: the chicken farms use hens to produce eggs and cocks to serve their life as a slice of meat. The baby chickens need to be separated. So how weird do you find a person looking for chickens genitals all the time?
  • Water slide tester: I should have mentioned this job in the list of most interesting jobs, no? I mean how interesting it sounds that the person gets to play on water slides all the time and for free. But actually, this job is a risk as the tester has to experience and suggest different safety measures. There’s always risk involved while going down an untested slide. In addition to that being on the water, all the time is again a disadvantage. Poor chap!
  • Stand-in-liner: While few people are so busy that they don’t have time to stand in a queue, there are many others who are so free that they can stand in line all through the day. This imbalance gives rise to perfect earning opportunities and people trade their time to stand in line for others. Recently we heard of a man who gets paid Rs. 16,000 a day for standing in line in the UK. That’s a lot of money for not doing anything man.
  • Professional mourner: I hope this reminded you of the famous TikTok videos where 4 men dance with a coffin on their shoulders (that music started ringing in my mind now). These professional mourners make a person’s last journey memorable, not for the dead but the people seeing his funeral. There are professional mourners in some places of India too called rudali. Rudali’s are hired to cry when someone dies. They make the term ‘magarmachhkeaansu’ real. Weird, isn’t it?

My advice, contact transcript services, get your GTU transcript, fly abroad or fly out of the planet but don’t become a rudali or sleeper. Pun intended. These jobs are as funny as weird they are. There are many other such jobs like odour tester, rented boyfriend, pet food tester, train pusher, paint drying watcher and many more. When there is a need, the company will pay to do anything and there are plenty of people to do these weird jobs as well. What other such weird jobs come to your mind? And if got a chance, would you like to do any of these jobs? Let me know below.

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