Top 9 Countries offering Citizenship by Investment

Every country has its way of giving citizenship to its resident. In India, citizenship to a foreigner can be granted who is residing in the country for 12+ years. A newborn having an Indian father or mother is also an Indian citizen. And there are various other ways in which Indian Citizenship can be given to a person. Similarly, every country has its own set of rules to provide citizenship to national and international residents. But do you know few countries provide citizenship by investment? Yes, there are around 30 countries that provide citizenship to international investors who invest or donate for the development of the country. So, if you have a good chunk of money, then you don’t need to go through a lengthy process. You don’t need to apply for a medium of instruction certificate, Anna university transcript or DU transcript, ECA, Immigration, etc. then complete your masters, get a job in that country, work for a certain number of years and then apply for PR. There are various programs in which you can directly get citizenship. In this article, we will see which countries provided citizenship by investment and what are their advantages.

Before we start, let’s look at what are the advantages of having dual citizenship.

  • The first thing, you can travel freely to across few destinations. For example, if you get citizenship in the USA, you can travel freely without any restriction within the whole country.
  • Better health and education facilities: If the native country can’t provide proper education and healthcare benefits to its citizens, then dual citizenship is a great way to access the second country’s health and education benefits.
  • Domestic wellbeing: Well, it is a personal choice but few countries offer excellent air quality and excellent scenic beauty far from polluted cities. So if you are someone fascinated by nature’s beauty, you can make that place your second home.
  • Security: If your country doesn’t provide proper personal or professional security, your next country can. In India there is no law for people working more than 12 hours, if you don’t like this you can move to Austria that provides better professional security.
  • Better Economic and Business Opportunity: your next country may provide better business and economic growth than the current country can’t.

There are tons of other benefits a person can avail in a second country that he is not getting now after obtaining dual citizenship. So now let’s check out the countries providing citizenship by investment.

St. Kitts and NevisSt. Kitts and Nevis passports have access to more than 157 countries for visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel.Citizenship-by-descent available
St. LuciaSt. Lucia Passport has access to 146 destinations for traveling without a visa.Allows dual citizenship
DominicaProvides visa-free travel to more than 152 countriesCitizenship can be availed by investing as low as USD 100,000.
GrenadaVisa-free travel to 153 countries Provides access to USA E2 treaty investor visa
Antigua and BarbudaFree movement to HongKong, Russia, Singapore, the UK, and a few other countries
TurkeyProvides visa-free travel to more than 111 countries Citizens are eligible for a USA E2 Investor visa
MontenegroFree movement to Montenegro and a few other European countries
MaltaProvides visa-free or visa on arrival traveling to more than 186 countries
AustriaVisa-free or visa on arrival traveling to 189 countries including Canada, EU, Hong Kong, etc.

So these are the 9 countries that offer citizenship by investment. We can see these countries provide great benefits with some passports having access to traveling visa-free to more than 150 countries. While these countries may not be famous for providing very high-quality education, they definitely provide other health and security benefits, a serene lifestyle, and wonderful scenic beauty.

Note: Citizenship by investment requires a good amount of money and this program is mostly considered by large investors. For students looking to get foreign citizenship, it is recommended to go the traditional way i.e. completing education and getting a job there. Therefore students can contact Worldwide transcripts for their documentation processes such as medium of instruction, Anna University transcript, ECA, certificate attestation, etc.

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