Top reasons to adapt furniture quality control procedure

The peak season for furniture manufacturing is quite hectic. This season starts in November month and finishes before the Chinese New Year. You may be a business trying to manufacture your next collection in the record time while maintaining the highest quality as per the expectations of your customers. However, several quality risks enhance dramatically during this period. In this blog post, we will try to find out the reasons and the type of defects you should pay attention to.

Main quality risks while performing quality control of furniture during the peak season

Stringent quality control of furniture product from a leading product inspection company in India is one of the best approach for assessing the quality risks, evaluating various quality issues, and identifying product defects at the early stage. Based on the experience, here some of the most common defects found in the peak season:

Higher and inconsistent numbers of defects in the furniture

Most of the problems found in furniture products are related to the following defects:

Peeling paint

There are probably 3 possible root causes of this particular disadvantage: the substrate is not good or well processed, the coating does not have enough time to dry, or the temperature of the coating does not reach the needs in order to ensure the best result.

Parts are missing

The major root cause of missing parts can be the lack of interest of the worker on the production line, which may not obey the working instructions correctly. The second reason is that the quality checking team did not properly control the various parts before packing.

Association issues

Assembly problems mainly occur because the worker(s) did not obey the working instructions in the correct manner. Instead of this, the instructions may not be clear enough because the requirements of the client were not detailed enough. These 3 disadvantages may seem familiar to you, but during the peak season, they may appear on the regular products as with new ones.

The quality of furniture manufacturing is not consistent during that particular period, which is primarily due to the loss of control throughout the entire process of manufacturing. The less time that the people take in order to complete an application, the less they focus on doing the best that they can. It results is valid at every level of their supply chain.

Increase furniture manufacturing times

Estimated lead time before peak season may not be realistic during that particular period. In fact, we note a large number of delays in production throughout the furniture industry during the run-up to the Chinese New Year, in addition to this with most other manufacturing lines.

Risks of bribery

It is quite common to note the increase in the number of manufacturers providing “well-known”

Red pocket ‘for the quality controllers during the peak season. Their main aim is to obtain an acceptable product quality inspection result in order to ensure prompt shipment and payment of goods, even if the quality of batch is below specified.

What kind of events can delay production?

Here are some of the events that can delay the production:

  • Delayed raw materials delivery
  • The quality of raw material is not good enough so that you should buyback
  • The client confirms the final details of the order too late (packaging instructions, artwork, colors, to name a few.),
  • The production machines do not operate normally and need maintenance or repair
  • Workers leave or resign for the holidays
  • The government believes that the production work does not meet all the standards and then closes the factory: it is a very crucial situation.

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