What To Do When Your HOA Neighbor Regularly Hosts Loud Parties?

If you have lived in an HOA, you may know that it has its own advantages and disadvantages. While the benefits do make it seem like the perfect place to live, sometimes the disadvantages can upset people. One of the most common problems that HOA residents might face is noise. 

HOA houses are built extremely close to each other, so much so that your neighbor may even be able to hear you speak if they listen closely. However, it can become particularly problematic when a neighbor regularly hosts loud parties. While gilbert hoa management companies can help you resolve these issues by effectively enforcing HOA rules, you can take a few steps as well.

Steps to take when your HOA neighbor regularly hosts loud parties

  1. Speak with your neighbor. 

The first step to solving a problem caused by another party is speaking to the concerned party themselves. If you do not let them know that you have a problem with their behavior, they do not get a chance to fix their mistake. In many cases, approaching your neighbor and telling them your problems can solve the issue. 

  1. Call the police. 

You might be thinking whether calling the police is too much or if the police can indeed solve the problem. When calling the police, you can request to be anonymous. Your neighbor does not have to know it was you who complained about them. On the other hand, the police can only solve the problem if the person has violated the local noise laws. 

  1. File an HOA complaint. 

If speaking with the neighbor or calling the police has not worked for you, your final and best option is to file a complaint in the HOA board itself. Specify the details of your complaint, such as the type, volume, and frequency of noise and the fact that you already spoke with your neighbor. 

The board should address your problem by speaking to the concerned party imposing fines and warning letters. If the behavior continues, they may take stricter actions. gilbert hoa management companies can help the board fix such issues. 

  1. File a lawsuit. 

If you did not think filing a lawsuit against your HOA for noise problems was an option, you are not the only one. People usually do not opt for this as it costs a lot of money as well as takes up your time in attending hearings and filing court paperwork. However, legal action should solve the problem when you see no progress using the other methods. 

Everyone likes to party, and some people like to party more than others. While there is nothing wrong with that, one should consider other people’s convenience as well. It is best not to host too many loud parties to avoid disturbing others no matter where you live.

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